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What makes us a trusted name as a transformer manufacturer? Our complete, utility-scale EPC services, of course. From the step of checking raw materials to the after-sales services – we monitor everything closely for the highest level of quality-control.


The future of energy is green, sustainable and for all people.


Single Phase

5 kva (single phase)

10 kva (single phase)

16 kva (single phase)

25 kva (single phase)

Three Phase

10 kva (three phase)

125 kva (three phase)

250 kva (three phase)

315 kva (three phase)

Images shown above are only for reference, the actual product might vary from the displayed images



3.15 MVA 33/11 KV

5 MVA 33/11 KV



We also offer wide range of Dry-Type three phase transformers. Dry type transformers have high mechanical & dielectric strength. Dry type transformers (Vacuum Pressure Impregnated) of 11 KV voltage class have high grade insulation (i.e. class ‘F’ / class ‘H’ / class ‘C’) with bus-bars (Standard) as termination & cable boxes (on request). These generally have AN (Neutral or Natural) / AF (Forced) type of cooling with enclosure protection such as IP21 / IP33 / IP43 / IP00 & Non-ventilated. These are followed as per standards like BIS / IEC / ANSI C57.12.01 / IEEE & IS 1117. Dry type transformers have high dynamic short-circuit strength with good impulse withstand capability which (VPI) ensures void free insulation system. These have better resistance to temperature fluctuations, are immune to polluted atmosphere & are moisture ingress resistant. These are environment friendly & have easy maintenance. These are highly suitable for indoor use & have low fire hazard possibilities.

  • Advantages of Dry-Type Transformers:
  1. These have longer life due to low thermal & dielectric ageing.
  2. These require less space & civil work.
  3. Have better impulse withstand strength & high dynamic short circuit strength.
  4. Special safety features are not required.
  5. Moisture free & immune to polluted atmosphere.
  6. These are eco-friendly, fire-resistant, safe, and explosion-proof.
  7. These are easy to install & easy to maintain & have better appearance.
  8. Have low noise level.
  • Applications for Dry-Type Transformers:

These transformers are suitable where safety, reliability, low noise level, etc. are main concern like:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Ports
  • Stadiums
  • Electronic Industries
  • Nuclear & Power plants
  • High rise buildings
  • Chemical & textile plants etc.
  • Metro railways
  • Parks