Kalpana Industries


Kalpana Industries have undertake CSR activities since 2000 under their Trust: Puneet Krishna Gadia memorial Charitable Trust

  • Providing water coolers during summers in various schools and organisations

  • Scholarships to students who aspire to achieve great heights but are not financially able to

  • Have developed and maintained the Children’s ward in the Bhagwan Das Khetan Government Hospital in Jhunjhunu

  • Have donated towards the construction of the Emergency in Bhagwan Das Khetan Government hospital making it more accessible and equipped with all the necessary facilities, regularly updating the same.

  • Facilitation of COVID ward with oxygen supply in March 2020 in Bhagwan Das Khetan Government hospital.

  • Donated towards the construction of Ram Mandir, Ayodhya

  • Donated in Kerala Flood Relief fund

  • Donated toward the upliftment of the poor by providing necessities during COVID hardship

  • Regularly providing healthy and nutritious meals to frontline workers during the First Wave

  • Have been felicitated with COVID warrior award by the District administration for their contribution towards helping others during COVID

  • Have provided with oxygen concentrators to those in need during the second wave

  • Have donated pulse oximeters to Bhagwan Das Khetan Government hospital in the second wave