Kalpana Industries

Research & Development

KALPANA’S Transformers are designed to meet all the latest national and international standards, including ARE, IEC, ANSI, BS, DIN etc. All our Transformers are designed in accordance with customers’ specific requirement. High levels of experience and expertise in transformer design and regular investment in research and development has enabled KALPANA to ensure excellence and competitiveness in quality, performance, price and delivery. Wide range of Transformers are tested and validated by authorized testing laboratories. All material used are of best quality and of the class most suitable for working under the specified conditions withstanding variations of temperature and atmospheric conditions. Above all, the design incorporates every reasonable precaution and provision for the safety of all those concerned in the operation and maintenance.

We offer technologically advanced and customized range of Oil Filled and Dry Type BIS Approved Transformers class conforming to the Indian/International Standards, to enhance the customer satisfaction. Kalpana is approved to design,manufacture and test energy efficient transformers conferred up to 5 Star Ratings, in accordance with energy saving guidelines, defined by the BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency,Govt. of India). Our wide range of Distribution Transformer are Type Tested from NABL Accredited Labs viz.. CPRI,ERDA,NTH to validate the quality and design.


Tanks are made of high quality mild steel sheets and plates. State-of-the-Art welding technology is applied to give immaculate finish and leak proof tanks. Cooling is provided by either Pressed Steel type Radiators, which are attached by flange of welded directly onto the body, or by corrugated fin walls. Either types of tanks can be supplied as per customer’s requirement, however, corrugated type tank has merits over conventional radiator type tank because of its compact size and aesthetics. Every tanks is rigorously tested for any leakage or seepage. air pressure test, fluid test and ultraviolet lamp test are conducted on each tank to ensure that no leakage takes place. Continuous efforts in Research and Development result in excellent finish, leak proof and rigid tanks.


The “active” part of the Transformer consists of the magnetic core with windings and accessories. The windings are placed over the core limbs and necessary connections are made as per the tappings and vector group. Sufficient ducts are provided between the coils to ensure heat dissipation through circulation of oil. Best quality insulation is provided at all joints and gaps. The optimum design of Core-Coil Assembly is achieved by considering the required technical particulars, cooling, size compactness and tapping arrangement. All leads and conductors are rigidly supported by special wooden frames.