The Manufacturing Process




The prime c o r e material in a transformer is the core. KALPANA’s uses high quality Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Magnetic Silicon Steel to ensure optimum losses and most efficient working of the Transformer. The type of magnetic steel is chosen according to the desired loss level. The laminations are cut geometrically to ensure optimum flow of magnetic flux and minimum air gap between the joint of two consecutive sheets. The supporting structures and clamping devices of the core contribute to the compactness of the design and also ensure low sound levels.



Rectangular and round conductors are used for the windings. The conductor is usually insulated with either high-grade multipaper covering or with an insulating enamel coating. The windings are such designed so as to ensure reduced axial stresses in Short Circuit conditions and also to withstand impulse and overvoltages.

Some standard forms of coil windings are spiral, helical, interleaved disc and plain disc. For Power Transformers, both low voltage and high voltage windings are disc type, which give highest resistance against short circuits. It is ensured that proper tension is given on the winding for rigidness. After removing the Core-Coil Assembly from the heating oven, it is thoroughly cleaned by pressurised air and then placed into the tank and bolted up. All necessary accessories / fittings such as bushings, valves, oil level indicator, pressure relief device, temperature indicator, tap changer etc. are fitted on to the tank body. High quality filter ed transformer oil is then filled in the tank to completely immerse the assembly. Finally, connections of primary and secondary to the terminal.



The Core-Coil Assembly is placed in the vacuum oven for removal of moisture. After the drying process, the assembly is retightened to take up all shrinkage and then the unit ready for tanking.

Integrated In-House production & testing facilities supplemented by State-of-the-art technologies guarantee reliability and efficiency for the global markets.


The Product Range

5 KVA – 25 KVA Single phase & three phase wound core distribution transformers

5 KVA – 500 KVA Three phase distribution transformers

1000  KVA- 8000 KVA Three phase 33 KV Class power transformers





Fitting & Accessories

1 Oil Filling hole with cover

2 Oil conservator with drain plug and oil filling hole

3 Oil level gauge

4 Explosion vent with diaphragm

5 Pressure relief device (PRV)

6 Breather pipe

7 Silicagel breather

8 Air release device

9 Inspection cover

10 Lifting lugs for complete transformer

11 Lifting lugs for top cover

12 Bucholtz Relay

13 Dial type oil temperature indicator

14 Dial type winding temperature indicator

15 Thermometer pocket for top oil temperature

16 Shut-off valve for Bucholtz relay

17 Shut-off valve for Conservator

18 Shut-off valve for Radiators

19 HV bushings with fittings

20 LV bushings with fittings

21 HV cable end box

22 LV cable end box

23 Oil filter valve

24 Oil drain valve

25 Oil sampling valve

26 Radiators (Elliptical tubes/Pressed Steel/Corrugated panel)

27 Name Rating & Diagram plate

28 Terminal marking plates

29 Tap changing switch

30 Marshalling box

31 Jacking lugs

32 Skid and pulling eyes

33 Two earthing terminals

34 Under base arrangement

35 Rollers

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